Don’t want to be a webhosting reseller?

Don’t want to be a webhosting reseller? Well, follow these guidelines below to get started:

Stand out – What makes you different than your competition? It’s a tough competitive field, yet it is a profitable business. The money you make as a business owner comes from the difference in costs of operating your servers and customer service, and the amount you charge your potential clients.
In order to succeed in the webhosting business you must has the patience and the passion for it. It is NOT going to be easy but with the time, effort, and patience you can be successful and thriving in no time. You will initially spend hours testing, designing, and marketing your website. You will also spend time maintaining your site, processing payments, and providing customer support. Once everything starts going right, your business will be a profitable full time job.

Competitors – Web hosting is a very competitive industry. Very few people understand it and very few are successful. Once you go through step 1, make sure you are aware of your competition. What are their rates? What is making them so profitable? What are they offering that you aren’t? Companies compete on price and customer service. Some of the largest web hosting companies are very successful like HostGator, InMotion, GoDaddy. All of these companies have thousands of servers, a dedicated support staff, and years of experience. Small to medium webhosting companies have a difficult time competing but don’t get discouraged even they started off somewhere. Want to make it in this industry? Offer something unique. Be different that it stands you out from the rest. Rule # 1 in any thriving business – PROVIDE AUTHENTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE! Get your clients to rate you on social media, request recommendations on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter. Social media has a huge make or break of any business now a days.

Quality – If you are doing the entire web hosting business from the bottom up make sure you have the space and bandwith on your server for your clients. Your clients are not going to keep you as a webhosting company for their website if you are unstable. Your clients have clients that depend on them and instability on any part can have a domino effect not only for your clients but for your webhosting business.



-If you are going to take the easy route and be a reseller hosting company below are some pros and cons:
Technical support is handled by the reseller and not you.
Plenty of support provided by the company that is providing the reseller service.
Don’t require technical knowledge.
Easy Set up.
Doesn’t take a lot of time, the time you are saving you can use it for marketing your own business.



No back end control. You cannot guarantee 100% stability because the reseller controls the servers.
Pricing. You cannot offer low prices or anything unlimited like your competition, and expect to stay profitable at the same time. You are limited to what you can offer your clients.
Tips on setting up your reseller hosting business:

Build your website around the reseller company and integrate and provide a billing system. Determine what services you are offering and what you should offer. Choose a reseller service that meets the needs of your niche.
Purchase a reseller hosting package and expand as your business starts making money.
Expand your servers when you feel it is necessary.Promote your business with social media and Google.

Whichever way you decide to go either start from scratch or resell, please take your time doing your research. Most companies have failed because they fail at putting the time and effort into the webhosting site. You will be successful if you put the effort into it.Be sure to provide authentic customer service.

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